Broken Blue

Every year Blythe makes the same wish – to live a normal life. But despite her best efforts and countless therapy sessions, as she blows out the candles on her seventeenth birthday she suspects her wish will never come true. When the shadows that have haunted her for her entire life suddenly disappear, they simply make room for a new and even more unsettling presence: Bron. Beautiful, enigmatic Bron. Is he just another invention of her disturbed mind? Or can she believe in him?

Death's Soul

Coming Soon

The Grim has her own agenda and wants to wipe all Soul Reapers from the face of Midian and begin again, Bron and Veni included. When she experiences Bron’s pain, Blythe has to decide if she should keep the Grim as far away from Midian as possible, or use her power to save Bron. Will the love of her best friend, Sam, and memories of her mother anchor her to this life, or will she lose herself to the Grim forever.

The Omega Prophecy

Coming Soon

For most of Callan O’Neill’s life he has tried to suppress the magic within him without really understanding why, but as he was searching for answers, it seems that answers were searching for him, too, in the form of two warring sects, both of who want to manipulate Callan’s gifts to rule the world. Callan meets Gabrial Viner and ex-soldier of the Majoris sect. Viner offers to train Callan to control his gift until the time is ready for him to choose. With the power of creation and destruction at his fingertips, will he use his power for the light or for the dark?

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